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Demonstration of unusual knitting technique

My friend demonstrates unusual Estonian knitting technique she learned Merike Saarniit workshop at John campbell Folk School, Merike Saarniit www.507


Finger Knitting – How to Finger Knit

This tutorial is on how to finger knit, which can also be called finger weaving. Finger knitting is a great project for children to learn. It is an excellent group project …202


Knitting Techniques : How to Cast Off: Scarf Knitting

Knowing how to cast off on your knitted project is important because it is what completes your project. Make sure you know how to cast off with tips from an …206


New finger-knitting technique with Judith – Part 2

In this video, I will be showing you how to do double and triple finger knitting.425


Hitch knitting techniques



Knitting Instructional Video: Hand Dyed Yarn Techniques

Jeanne from Jimmy Beans Wool Demonstrates Techniques to Use with Hand Dyed Yarns. Jimmy Beans Wool is your LYS… online!671


Techniques Tricot # 3 – Augmentations 10 façons// Techniques Knitting

Bonjour à tous!! Troisième tuto dans la série de mes techniques pour tricoter, surtout adressé aux débutantes et à tous et toutes celles qui viennent de se joindre …481


KNITTING TECHNIQUES – Three Needle Bind Off. Joining shoulder seams together whilst casting off.

The Three needle bind off creates beautiful seaming and may be used to join shoulder seams and in this case a lace scarf requiring a join in the centre (to …179


Basic Knitting Techniques – SSK Chart Symbol

Basic Knitting Techniques – SSK Chart Symbol Welcome to the Sheep to Shawl.com YouTube channel featuring Donna Druchunas. How to videos about knitting …208


Knitting Techniques: Pleating

Charles Gandy Knitting: Pleating….using a four needle attachment technique, this fun technique explains a easy way to add flair and interest to your …615