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Tag archives for Techniques

Knitting in the Round – Magic Loop

In this video, we’ll show you how to knit in the round using the Magic Loop method.197


Weaving In Knit Row: Fair Isle Knitting with 2 Hands – How to Carry the Yarn Across the Row

www.cottonandcloud.com Episode 6 is all about Fair Isle knitting using two hands. In this episode (6.3), one of the techniques in Fair Isle knitting called "weaving …223


Making Waves technique on the knitting machine (supplement video for pattern leaflet)

Video Demonstration of the needle-setup for J. Wurst’s "Making Waves" vest pattern on the knitting machine. **This video has no sound, it is just a quick vid to …15


Knitting Techniques : How to Choose Knitting Needles

When choosing knitting needles, you’ll have to decide between bamboo, plastic and metal needles. Pick the right knitting needle for your project with advice …129


Knitting Technique Knit Three Together – Donna Druchunas

Knitting Technique Knit Three Together, a Left Slanted Double Decrease For more info visit Sheeptoshawl.com.85


Knitting Techniques : How to Do the Purl Stitch: Scarf Knitting

The purl stitch is one of two main stitches used in knitting and will help you to create many different patterns for your knitting projects. Discover how to do the purl …154


How to Knit Short Rows

Kelley Petkun from Knit Picks shows you how to use the short row technique (also known as wrap and turn, or W/T) in your knitting to shape your garments.481


Finishing your Knitting Project – Episode 1

Finishing your piece is so important when knitting! Today I will show 2 finishing techniques that I really like: Croched edges and Self-fringing. It’s quite easy to do …422


How to Crochet & Knitting Finishing Technique

Follow along with Mikey as he shows you the proper way to finish your crochet and knitting project. You will never have those nasty tails hanging out of your …206


Demonstration of unusual knitting technique

My friend demonstrates unusual Estonian knitting technique she learned Merike Saarniit workshop at John campbell Folk School, Merike Saarniit www.507