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Knitting Help – Brioche Stitch

The Brioche Stitch is a combination of stitches that makes a nice, thick, double-sided fabric. In this video we cover both the simple Brioche Stitch, and the …391


LOOM KNITTING STITCHES Tiny Heart Stitch on a Knitting Loom

Loom Knit Stitch: For the Hat Pattern: [removed] For more loom knitting patterns visit: [removed] Here is the …329


How to Knit the Moss Stitch

This video shows how to work the Moss Stitch. Here are the instructions to work the pattern: Cast on an uneven number of stitches. An uneven number makes …278


Increase Knitting Stitches 3 Ways

Learn three types of knitting increases: Knit 1 front and back, purl 1 front and back; make one increases, and right- and left-leaning increases. Project Shown: …521


Basic Knitting Stitches for a Scarf | Knitting

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Like these Knitting Lessons !!! Check out the official app [removed] Must …187


English Rib / Fisherman's Rib Knitting Stitch Variation (Slip 1 as if to Purl, K YO tog)

Today I shall be showing you a variation of the English Rib or Fisherman’s Rib stitch which includes slipping a stitch as if to purl and knitting two stitches together …1154


Moss Slip Stitch | Knitting Stitches This a variation of the Moss Stitch but with 2 colors. Quite easy to follow. Use bigger needles than the yarn calls for. —– Materials: …343