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How to Knit the Ribbed Extended Stitch

For written instructions and photos please visit: [removed] This video knitting tutorial will help you learn …353


How to knit (not sew!) Kitchener stitch aka grafting

Avoid having to sew your grafts by knitting them instead! If you want to skip the informational preamble and go right to the tutorial part, skip to 1:22. If you want to …597


LOOM KNITTING STITCHES Double Moss Stitch Pattern

Double Moss Loom Knit Stitch Pattern. Easy step by step instructions. Skills included U-wrap knit stitch and Purl Stitch. htpp://


How to fix having too many knitting stitches

It is very easy to add an extra stitch in a knitting row. In this easy to follow tutorial we will show you how to fix two of the most common ways to have added …192


3D Bubble Knit | Bobble Knitted Stitch This is a 3D Bubble stitch pattern full of volume. Similar to cable textures. Instructions: Bubbles Stitch Multiple of 4 plus 3. K.- knit P.- Purl …942


How to Decrease Stitches in Knitting (Right Leaning)

In this easy to follow knitting tutorial we will show you all you need to know to decrease stitches in your knitting. This decrease leans to the right, and is often …68


Seersucker Stitch

Watch this video to learn How to Knit the Seersucker Stitch. Just Knit (K) and Purl (P) stitches, so the Seersucker Stitch is easy to knit, even beginner knitters can …356


KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS| Embossed Knitting Stitches

This pattern is very beautiful and usable in many models especially for babies.510


How to Knit * Honeycomb Brioche Stitch * Knitting Stitches

[removed] * This Honeycomb Brioche Stitch is knit easily with 4 rows only. The video shows you how to knit this popular knitting stitch… Help us …356


How To Increase Stitches In Knitting

In this video we will show you how to increase stitches in your knitting.66