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Tag archives for Scarves

Zig Zag Rib Stitch

Watch video to learn how to knit the Zig Zag Rib stitch. ++ Detailed written instructions: [removed] ++ Zig Zag …274


Use a Broomstick Lace Pattern to Knit a Scarf & Cowl

In Use a Broomstick Lace Pattern to Knit a Scarf & Cowl, Phyll Lagerman – knitting designer and author — introduces you to broomstick lace knitting! Broomstick …115


Reversible Cables: How to Knit Reversible Cables

The secret to knitting reversible cables is so simple! All the tricks and tips for knitting reversible cables will be revealed here. Basically, all you’re doing is knitting …721


How to Knit a Triangle Scarf (Fast & Easy)

How to knit a triangle scarf. If you want written pattern, please visit my blog. [removed] This pattern …2198


How to knit a Ruffle Scarf Tutorial – Mesh Sashay Scarf

Knitted tutorial that teaches you how to make a knitted ruffle scarf using mesh yarn, netted yarn, sashay yarn. For written pattern …1031


Easy Lace Stitch | One Row Repeat

www.joannesweb.com Nice lace stitch with pretty volume. Use bigger size needles so it’s more open. //// Instructions Use 2 or needle sizes larger than what the …287


How to Knit Brioche stitch | Bulky Brioche Scarf on Needles

Knit Along and make a Bulky Brioche scarf. Learn how to knit the brioche stitch while making a squishy and fun ribbed looking scarf! No purling required. Tutorial …710


Learn to Knit Your First Scarf Part 1

To purchase this pattern, visit: [removed] This series of seven videos teaches you the basics of knitting, and gets …66


infinity scarf knitting pattern circular needles

infinity scarf knitting pattern circular needles More Tags:knitting patterns scarf,knitting scarf,knit scarf patterns,how to end a knitted scarf,how to knit a circle scarf …151


Knit a Garter Stitch Scarf

How to knit a garter stitch scarf. This video is intended for beginning knitters looking for a first project. You will need to know how to cast on, knit garter stitch, and …738