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Tag archives for Mittens

How to pick up 4 stitches for Fingerless Mittens' Thumb-holes

I made this video for my "Pioneer Lace Fingerless Mitts" knitting pattern. It is showing how to pick up 4 stitches for the mittens’ thumb-holes for small to medium …354


Crochet Tutorial: Moss Stitch Fingerless Mittens

Hello crochet buddies! I know so many of you really liked the Moss Stitch Ear Warmer, so I decided to make a tutorial showing you how to make a pair of …1325


How to Crochet Mittens: 2 – 4 Year Old Size

Keep the young people in your life warmer this winter with a fresh pair of Crochet Mittens for 2 to 4 year old sizes. These mittens are easy to make from starting at …2701


Loom Knit Fingerless Mittens

This video is about how to make Fingerless Mittens on a loom. You will need a 24 peg loom, darning needle, loom knit hook, yarn bulky #6, scissors and a …1596


How to Loom Knit a Pair of Gloves / Mittens (DIY Tutorial)

MORE VIDEO TUTORIALS HERE: [removed] This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to loom knit a pair of gloses / mittens with …1185


EASY, SIMPLE, BASIC Fingerless Gloves (Adult Sm/Med size) 4 Advanced Beginner

Any talented advanced beginner (or intermediate) knitter can learn to knit these basic, yet beautiful fingerless gloves for an adult. If you chose a really nice yarn …2206


How to knit baby owl mittens for beginners

[removed] Facil De seguir instrucciones. Easy to Fallow instructions.1194


MAKE SIMPLEST SUPER EASY MITTENS EVER – Knitted On Straight Needles (4 Righties)

Are you a beginner knitter (right-handed) who knows how to cast on, do a knit stitch, bind off and do a simple sewing? Then you can knit these fast and …2315


Skeindeer Knits Ep. 6: My knitting queue

Ravelry: [removed] Instagram: [removed] WIPs: My advent calendar: …2149


Mittens (Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts)

The pattern is by Lisa Sawyer [removed] Here’s a direct link to the pattern: …4235