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Tag archives for Graffiti

'Yarn Bombers' Blanket City In Fluffy Graffiti

Some statues and parking meters in Cincinnati have recently been sporting new clothes.34


Park Silly Sunday Market Yarn Graffiti Bridge

The knitters of Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City created this amazing yarn graffiti bridge for the Park Silly Sunday Market on the Main Street of Park City, Utah.111


Graffiti isn't just for painters anymore. Knitters are getting in on the action!

This isn’t your grandma’s knitting circle. Once a week, a group of women get together to drop a "bomb" on Tulsa — a yarn bomb, that is.121


Crocheted Plastic Ducklings For River Knit Graffiti

Crocheted Plastic Ducklings For River Knit Graffiti project. Knitted Graffiti on houses, knitted graffiti in the streets. Well I’m taking my knitted graffiti to a whole new …50


Yarm Bombing Returns to River City

That mysterious Yarn Bomber has hit that orphan lamp post at Semmes and Dundee again. We don’t any new information on this Richmond Virginia Knit Graffiti …62


Yarn Bombing

Kayte Marchese Yarn Bombing in Sumter, S.C..83


För Ett Varmare Stockholm-Knitting Peace

En hyllning i garn till fred och gemenskap. Stickgraffitin sattes upp i samband med Cirkus Cirkörs föreställning "Knitting Peace" på Dansens Hus i Stockholm i …201


Knit-Bombing the Davis Food Co-op!

Our members rock *and* craft! The Davis Food Co-op’s Knitting & Crafting Circle planned an act of urban fiber-art graffiti, in celebration of our Co-op’s 40th …110


Screaming Headless Torsos (Live in New York — Knitting Factory 1996)

David Fiuczinsky (Guitar) Dean Bowman (Voice) Gene Lake (Drums) Daniel Sadownick (Percussion) Fima Ephron (Bass) Tracklist: Jazz Is the Teacher Word to …4749


Die Sonne über der Lenne – Brücke bestricken – Guerilla Knitting 2012

300 Kilometer Garn – von Altena bis Bremen – soviel haben über 100 Damen in den schönsten Sonnenfarben für diese Graffiti Brücke verstrickt. Mit vielen …56