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Tag archives for Dishcloths

How to Knit A Dishcloth: Garter Stitch

Learn the basics of knitting with this simple pattern called the Basic Dishcloth. It is simple and using only the Garter Stitch as the technique. In other words, it’s …454


How to Crochet A Corner to Corner Dishcloth

Learn how to crochet a corner to corner dishcloth. This tutorial is covering changing colours, stripes, increasing and decreasing. I will also show you how to hide …1575


Knitting a star-shaped dishcloth

K = knit, P = purl, YO = yarn over Cast on 16 stitches, and leave at least a 6 inch tail (15.24 cm) Row 1: K all *Row 2: K4, YO, K10, turn, P to end Row 3: K4, YO, …652


How to Do Basic Mosaic Knitting – Easy Brick Mosaic Pattern

[removed] How to Do Basic Mosaic Knitting Brick Pattern Instructions in the description! By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have …736


Brick Wall Stitch – 3D effect

Use of slip stitch methods to create 3D effects in your knitting. Watch video to learn how to knit the Brick wall stitch. This pattern is my favorite one ever.554


Chinese Waves stitch

A video on how to knit the Chinese Waves stitch. – For full written instructions, please visit link: [removed] …156


Knitted Wash Cloth Quick and Easy (Holiday Freebie!)

This is a supper easy to make Wash Cloth. You can use it for the shower or for the kitchen. We recommend you use a cotton-based yarn for softness. Tie it up …878


A finished dish cloth on a MS Loom

A finished dish cloth done on a MS or Martha Stewart Loom Pattern 36 peg loom, fine gauge. You can use more pegs for a larger cloth. ewrap cast on 10 rows of …387


Learn the Basic Stitches for Loom Knitting – Dish Cloths

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make an easy project for anyone just starting out with loom knitting. This will teach you the basic stitches for looming and …502


The Most Basic Knitted Dishcloth

In this tutorial today, I teach you how to knit a basic dishcloth. The pattern is on my blog: lukeknitz.weebly.com/knitting patterns.298