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Knitting Help – Portuguese Knitting Style

Even if you’re perfectly happy with the way you knit, I encourage you to give this video a looksie. Portuguese knitting is kind of mind-blowing, and the resulting …583


Knitting technique for Crocheters – continental knit/Norwegian purl (NO MOVING YARN FORWARD)

Hey guys! Just a quick demo on my style of knitting for those of you just learning or transitioning over from crochet. I hope you find it helpful!729


Knitting Pattern * CRESCENT *

Follow Knit and Crochet with Joanna on FACEBOOK [removed]807


How To Knit – Knitting Instructions For Beginners

Learn how to knit with Ratcha from [removed] This is my 11 minutes video of how to begin knitting from the start. Learn to cast on, …667


How to Purl – Even if You're Clueless! – Absolute Beginner Knitting, Lesson 2

So today we’re going to learn to purl! If you missed the last episode on how to work the knit stitch, you can find that here: [removed] Some say …303


How To Knit: The Very Basics!

In this video I’ll teach you how to knit. Very simple, very basic, very slow and great for beginners. I cover the essentials of casting on, knitting with the knit stitch …948


How to Knit: Beginning a Row with a Yarn Over

Written Instructions: [removed] Facebook: [removed] Twitter: [removed] This …210


Worm (Roly Poly) Knitting Stitch This is a very textured and slightly advanced stitch and lots of fun to make! Here are the instructions: Use the needles that the yarn calls …665


Baby Buds Knit Stitch | Buds Knitting Pattern A beautiful pattern resembling buds or waves. Super cute. Materials: use any baby yarn and #7 knitting needles or any other materials …817


Garter Entrelac Knitting

Entrelac, a technique that produces an interlocking diamond pattern, is one of today’s hottest trends in knitting. Follow this video to learn Garterlac the easy way.2100

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