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Knitting Color with Brandon Mably – Kaffe Fassett Studio

Brandon Mably designs knitwear patterns for Vogue Knitting and Rowan Yarns, and leads workshops in knitwear design and use of color throughout the world.563


Knitting Help – Reusing Yarn

Ready to unravel? Here is how to prepare used yarn and get it ready to knit again. Note – this process works for both animal fibers (wool, alpaca, etc) and …315


LOOM KNITTING STITCHES The Andalusian Stitch Pattern

Loom knit the Andalusian Stitch Beginner Easy. Pattern is 4 Rows of Stitches in a combination of True Knit and Purls. Each stitch is explained in detail. This is …236


How To Configure 28" Knitting Board + Peg Extenders loom

Learn How To Configure 28" Knitting Board + Peg extenders Loom 28" Knitting Board + Peg extenders Loom from KB is a very large loom. It has many ways to …668


How to Knit : How to Work From a Knitting Pattern

Work from a knitting pattern by gathering the materials listed on the pattern, reading the glossary of terms and following the pattern of stitches. Find out how to …233


Instructions for finger knitting by Courtney

Courtney gives you step-by-step instructions on how to finger knit your very own scarf.303


How to Knit – Decrease Stitches

Learn the simple technique of decreasing stitches while knitting. For more information about increasing and decreasing stitches, visit our article here: …73


Knitting Help – Sloped Bind Off

This bind-off is an easy alternative to the "stair-steppy" bind-off many patterns call for when knitting a shaped edge (like when shaping armholes, sleeves, …284


knitting onto purchased lace as seen in Girl Talk

this is a technique that can work on all knitting machines and produces a very cute hem, especially for little girls and dolls. There are pattern books at …271


Sock making skills using stretch yarns on the knitting machine

This is NOT a sock pattern. It is a discussion about how to use stretch sock yarns that are really designed for hand knitting on a knitting machine. It works …670

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