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How to Make Knitting Stitch Markers

How to Make Knitting Stitch Markers with beading wire! Great for larger needles. Also a fun way to use decorative beads. Full List of Materials: Coming Soon Jill …1278


Knitting Help – Tips for a Nice Ribbed Cuff

In this video I put together several tips for making a nice ribbed cuff. The Knitter’s Pride Royale 16" circular needle set I use in the video can be found here: …618


Relatively Crafty: A Knitting Podcast (22)

Show notes coming soon!3176


manually knitting a row on the machine

In my patterns, I often recommend knitting the first row of a machine knitted project manually. The circumstances where this helps are ones where the machine or …71


Knitting for Preppers (a Tuesday chat with Heidi Palmer)

Does knitting have to do with preparedness, or survival? We think it does. In this chatty sit down conversation, Heidi and I talk about why we do handicrafts, and …1206


LolaStarCreates Episode 5

Join your friend Laura for a crafty chat. This is a knitting, sewing and crochet podcast and you can find Laura on social media as follows: Instagram: …1866


The Talented (and Handsome) Ryan Gosling

Ellen talked to Ryan about his incomparable good looks and showcasing his skills in his upcoming film.233


Valspar Colour Ambassador, Deadly Knit Shade.

Lauren O’Farrell, a.k.a Deadly Knitshade is the founder and knitting pioneer behind Whodunnknit and the knitted graffiti collective Knit the City. Inspired by the …142


KNITTING PATTERN, BEGINNER HEADBAND OR COWL, (Requested by Jennie Lynn), (learn: pencil knit)

KNITTING PATTERN, BEGINNER KNIT HEADBAND OR COWL, You can knit with pencils if you don’t have knitting needles. Very basic pattern, only uses the …296


How to Join the Round Using Magic Loop | Circular Knitting

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Watch more Circular Knitting Tutorials videos: …121

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